My Golf Journey





     After fifteen years in a law enforcement and being exposed to numerous traumatic incidents,   I found myself struggling. I had actually been struggling for years and did not realize it. I am not the best at practicing self-care, which required my head shrinker to order a weekend retreat and a spa day.  Two days later I arrived at a resort on the Oregon Coast, checked in, and walked over to the spa. There were no massage appointments available, and the thought of a mani-pedi only increased tension in my body.                                           





Sitting still and relaxing for two days was not an option. Whiskey in hand, I wandered through the resort and ended up in the front row of a principles of Yoga seminar. I learned that beyond stretching, Yoga is a meditative and mindfulness practice. The instructor told me the golf course is a great place to relax, be mindful, and connect nature and friends.

Whiskey laden SWAT brain translation: Chasing that little  ball through the woods is good for my brain!



      I rented a set of clubs and stepped up to a tee box for the second time in a decade. A group of actual golfers asked if I was Brooks Koepka. I said no, but they were not convinced until my first tee shot carried less than 30 yards into a water hazard. When my second shot bounced between two semi-trucks on Highway 101, I allowed them to play through. I spent the afternoon alone, did not keep score, and spent more on golf balls (all lost) than on the green’s fees. At the end of the round, I felt a sense peace I had not felt in a long time. I decided to be a golfer.    



Over the next year I averaged a round of golf per week.  I even bought fitted clubs and golf shoes.  Along with a significantly lowering my stress level, I had strengthened relationships with friends and co-workers. While I enjoyed time with friends, I would also play alone and sort out the troublesome thoughts in my head.






   My time on SWAT had come to an end and I celebrated with a round a few hours before being retired from the team. I reflected on the past few years and how golf improved my physical and mental health. The concept for Blue Line Golf USA was created that day to share my passion for golf, improve the lives of first responders, and strengthen community relationships.