Join Blue Line Golf

A completed member application is required to join the Active and Retired Law Enforcement Officers, Reserves, or Spouses/Partners/Significant Others of Blue Line Golf.  See the Membership Info page for eligibility. If you are not an LEO but want to support Blue Line Golf please enter your email address in the footer of this page and hit subscribe.

Our website is secure but we understand the hesitancy to share personal information on websites. If there is any information you are not comfortable sharing, please reach out to me directly and I will get you approved and set up. 

Please fill out and submit the following form.  In the Company Field, please list your agency, if you are active or retired, and your number of years of service. If you are Active Military or a Veteran please list your branch, job title, and years of service. Please include a mailing address in order to send welcome packets and membership cards for league members.

Once your membership is approved you will receive an email asking to finish the process by setting up password. My goal is to have the accounts approved within 24 hours. Please check promotion and spam emails for the link, and contact our office directly if you do not receive and email.