General Rules

Blue Line Golf League Rules

This is a friendly golf tournament, with a little competition to make things interesting. Blue Line Golf reserves the right to make reasonable modifications to the event and league rules based on the needs of the members.

We generally follow USGA rules, but we have a few modifications to keep things reasonable.

Play Ready Golf!

Play with other members or friends: Blue Line Golf is about community and improving connections with friends and family. Also, playing groups will keep the abuse of the reasonableness standard to a minimum.

Schedule: To accommodate the chaotic schedules of LEO’s, each player will have the entire month in which to play a round at the designated course and submit their score. Players may choose to play all 18 in one day or play Front 9 / Back 9 on separate days during that window. Players may play the course more than once and submit their best score. 

(Note – The course management will have final authority over the ability to play Front 9 / Back 9 to complete the round)

Maximum hole score: For speed of play the maximum score per a hole is double par. Once a player reaches double par they should pick up and move to the next hole. Adjusted score based on handicap index will be calculated when scores are posted.

Handicap Index: All players will need to establish a handicap index prior to the start of the league.  We accept handicap index from governing bodies such as the Oregon Golf Association (OGA). This league is not overly competitive, and we will accept handicap indexes calculated on free apps such as 18 Birdies and Swing U.  If you do not have a handicap index, we will assist you with calculating one.

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) scoring will be applied after each event. Your tournament scores will be entered and tracked via online and monitored by Blue Line Golf Staff.

New Golfers: If you are interested in the benefits of golf, but have never played, we have alternative score guidelines that allow the most novice golfers to enjoy the sport.

Out Of Bounds (OB): Plays as lateral relief with a one stroke penalty.  Estimate where your ball went out of bounds and take a drop from waist height in the rough. Be reasonable.

Hazards: Take a drop behind the hazard as far back as you like, take lateral relief within two club lengths of hazards, drop on the far side of a forced carry water hazard. Your choice, one stroke penalty. Be reasonable.

In The Woods: You can always choose to punch out of the woods. However, if your shot is impossible due to thick vegetation, or is dangerous due to all the trees, take lateral relief and a one stroke penalty. Drop in the rough from waist height about two club lengths from the woods. Be reasonable.

Winter Rules, Footprints, Fairway Divots, Roots, Unplayable Lies, Etc: Be reasonable and give yourself a club's length of relief, smile and play on without a penalty. Be reasonable.

Lost balls in Mud or leaves: Estimate where the ball was lost, take a drop from waist height, smile and play on without a penalty. Be reasonable.

“Gimme” Putts: There are no “gimme” putts. Players are expected to finish every hole. If we are going give you extra relief on the hazards, we need to make up for it somewhere and keep the game equitable. For speed of play, players should pick up their ball and move to the next hole at double par.

League Fees: This League is open to Blue Line Golf Members. Application for memberships can is conducted through the Blue Line Golf website and can be purchased for $80. The annual membership includes ability to play in all Blue Line Golf Events in your area.  Currently the only league is in Portland, Oregon.

Players will have access to an online portal and App to track scores in all events and tournaments.

Greens Fees: Greens fees for each event are paid directly to the golf course.  Blue Line Golf makes every effort to negotiate the best price available for each course. Greens fees can vary at courses based on weekends and times of peak demand.

Points System:  To promote fair competition regardless of skill, Blue Line Golf uses a Modified Stableford scoring system for monthly tournaments and the main tournament, based on the player's net score.

16pts - Triple Eagle or less

12pts - Double Eagle

8pts - Eagle

4pts - Birdie

2pts - Par

1pt - Bogey

0pts - Double Bogey or more.


Season Points Leader: All players competing during the season are included in the Season Points Challenge. Player's have the ability to earn season points in each monthly tournament and during the main tournament. There will be a special prize for the season points winner that will be announced later this year.


 League Championship

In each Chapter there will be a Championship Series that involves multiple rounds. The final round of the competition will be scheduled in advance and all members will compete on the same day.  At the conclusion of the final round players and family will invited to an end of season celebration where awards will be issued.

I am gathering sponsors and donors to contribute to awards.  Those awards will be announced early in the league season.


Non-League Event: Throughout the year Blue Line Golf will host several non-league events that include simulator events, best ball tournaments, and scrambles.  See the scoring App for additional information.