2024 League Rules


 Blue Line Golf PDX League General Rules:


We are a recreational league, and our primary goal is to encourage our members to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of golf. We support healthy competition, but do not take ourselves too seriously. The PDX League is a Stableford Scoring Tournament where you earn points based on the net score of each hole you play. This format allows our members to be competitive with other golfers, without having to worry that a bad hole will take you out of contention. We want you to focus positive performance while detaching from the frustration of errors.  We also have a scramble alternative (See Below) each month for golfers who prefer that format.  Members can play in both the stroke and scramble formats each month. Member may also play the round more than one each month and submit their best score.


Points are earned as follows:


Net Bogey – 1 Point

Net Par – 2 Points

Net Birdie – 3 Points

Net Eagle – 4 Points


Each month member plays one 18-hole round of golf at a predesignated course and then submits their scores online or through a web-based app. The round is open for play on the first day of the month and you will be able to submit scores until 11:59 PM on the last day of the month. The course changes each month but is generally within 30 miles of downtown Portland.


Each month Blue Line Golf will organize two days where members from the league can gather and play. On these days we will host range balls for anyone who wants to practice the golf mindfulness techniques that are being implemented in our resiliency program. We will also assist helping members arrange group tee times if those days do not fit your schedule.


We encourage members to play together, but it is not required.  You pick the day and time that works best for you, and play. You may play all 18 in one day or play Front 9 / Back 9 on separate days during that month. (Note – The course management will have final authority over the ability to play Front 9 / Back 9 to complete the round). If you are only able to play 9 holes that month, we will allow you to enter a score for those holes.


We generally follow the United States Golf Association (USGA) Rules. There are no “gimme” putts and players are expected to finish every hole. For speed of play and not punishing ourselves on the course, the maximum score for each hole is double bogey plus one. (Par 3 max score is 6, Par 4 is 7, Par 5 is 8)


As a recreational league focused on the mental and physical benefits of the sport, we have enacted the Blue Line Golf Reasonableness Standard for hazards, out of bounds, and lost balls.







If you lose a ball to leaves or mud that would have normally been found, take a drop near where it was lost with no penalty. Be Reasonable!

 If your ball comes to rest on or near and object that makes in unplayable, or unsafe to play, drop within two club lengths of the location, but no close to the hole. Be Reasonable!

 If you are too far into the trees and cannot punch out safely, take lateral relief and drop in the rough with a one stroke penalty.

 We ask that you be reasonable in your decisions for penalties, drops, and relief.


 All players will need to establish a handicap index prior to their first league event. We accept handicap index from governing bodies such as the Oregon Golf Association (OGA). This league is not overly competitive, and we will also accept handicap indexes calculated on free apps such as 18 Birdies and Swing U.  If you do not have a handicap, we will assist you with establishing one.

Scramble Alternative:

We understand that not everyone enjoys competitive golf events, and many of our members prefer the scramble format to stroke play.

We want you to enjoy golf! Each month members will have the option to play in a two-person scramble format round at the designated course.  There will be two flights for scramble events.  Flight A will be for players who generally score in the low 90’s or better.  Flight B will be for all other golfers who score in the mid 90’s or higher.  We do not have a specific score or handicap to designate flights. We ask that you be reasonable.  Blue Line Golf Reserves the right to assign flights as necessary to promote fair play and competition.

 A high scoring golfer can team up with a low scoring golfer for a scramble round, but they will be assigned to Flight A.

 We will also utilize our Stableford Scoring system for the scramble rounds. Winners of the scramble rounds will be announced each month. Points earned during scramble rounds will not be calculated towards the yearly points winner on the app, but we will have a side calculation for the yearly scramble points winners. Points earned during scramble rounds we be calculated on an individual basis.  This way you can partner change partners as often as you would like during the season.


Blue Line Golf reserves the right to make reasonable modifications to the event and league rules based on the needs of the members.